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Your kinesiology session with me

What is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology (kin-easy-ology) takes the guesswork out of health care.  Simple muscle response testing is used as a type of body language to pinpoint imbalances in the body. 

Kinesiology treats the whole person, not the condition or illness. It is a truly holistic therapy that gets to the root cause of illness, aches, pains and emotional stresses. 

Balance is reestablished in the four key realms of the body and mind;  emotional, chemical (where we look for possible food sensitivities or nutrient deficiencies), structural and energetic.


On average, clients find that their symptoms have vastly improved or disappeared within 3-6 sessions. 

Kinesiology can correct imbalances in the energy field before they become a physical symptom, so some clients continue with regular quarterly sessions to re-set their 'balance' throughout the year.

What Happens at an Appointment?


After the initial consultation where we will go through your full medical history, you will lie fully clothed on a couch.  

Non-invasive and pain free muscle response testing will then be used to get biochemical feedback from the body, which pinpoints the areas of imbalance that need focus.

Corrections are made immediately using a variety of techniques from Eastern and Western medicine such as; lymphatic massage, acupressure, holding neuro vascular points and energy work to reset and rebalance the body. I also integrate techniques from other healing modalities I have learnt such as reiki, structural work and shamanic principles. 

Once the natural state of balance - or homeostasis -  is achieved, the body will begin to function as it is meant to and start to heal itself. As a result, you will experience improved health and wellbeing.

Every body is unique. As such, your treatment plan between sessions will be unique to you and may include taking Bach Flower Remedies, nutritional support and/or suggested lifestyle changes.  

I work with a partnership approach and therefore, the best results are achieved when clients take full responsibility for integrating the recommendations into their daily/weekly routines between sessions.

Invest in Your Health. Invest in You!



Initial Consultations: 90 minutes


CHILDREN under 16: £55

Follow Up Appointments: 60-75 minutes


CHILDREN under 16: £45

PLEASE NOTE: Nutritional supplements are charged separately and can either be purchased through me or independently.

**Appointment slots are reserved just for you** Please let me know as soon as possible if you are unable to make an appointment so that I can give your slot to someone else. 

Cancellations within 24 hours incur a 50% charge.

working with me IMPROVEs these symptoms & many more ...

  • Digestive issues; IBS
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Frequent colds
  • Sinus problems
  • Thyroid problems

  • Asthma
  • Skin conditions (e.g. eczema)
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Muscular pain
  • Back problems
  • Shoulder problems
  • Kidney or bladder issues

  • Stress
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Fatigue or feeling Tired All The Time (TATT)
  • Anxiety
  • Low Mood
  • Emotional stresses

About Me!


Hi, I'm Sarah.

Like so many of you, life is busy and I wear many hats, often all at once!

I am a working Mum of two, wife, diary organiser, meal planner, taxi driver and general family secretary. 

Professionally, I am a Kinesiology Practitioner, Reiki Master, HR Professional, Coach and Mentor.

For the past 9 years, I have been on my own healing journey. This has included physical and spiritual development. Having been through many experiences myself, I am able to empathise and hold genuine space for you when we work together.  

I have a huge passion for learning about healing through natural healthcare and continue to add more techniques and skills to my tool kit. This means that I work in an integrated way to ensure that you receive the best possible combination of healing techniques that will improve your health and wellbeing.  

The Root Cause


Back in 2011, I was diagnosed with a subclinical autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s; autoimmune hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid.  I  have always believed that the body has an innate ability to heal itself given the right support,  so I wanted to understand WHY and WHAT might have been the trigger to my body attacking my thyroid so that I could heal over time and get the condition into remission.

I began doing extensive research into Hashimoto's and autoimmune diseases in general because I wanted to understand the triggers and how to reverse them.  Autoimmunity is complex, yet there are some commonalities and themes in the triggers. 

I first began working with a

Kinesiologist in 2015 with the aim of understanding what was going on in my body and to bring my body back to it's natural state of homeostasis or 'balance' so that it could self heal.


Throughout my  journey, I began to appreciate that every illness, condition, niggle, ache or pain has a ROOT CAUSE and that 'where it is, it isn't'! That is to say that the root cause will almost always be from somewhere entirely different to where the pain is felt. For example, a lot of shoulder and neck issues have their root in the stomach. Pinpointing the root cause is where the magic is at; I always treat the CAUSE not the SYMPTOM because in doing so, the symptoms start to disappear. 

 When the body is in balance it can heal itself naturally; that is what our bodies are designed to do...think of how a scab forms and heals our skin when we cut ourselves and how all of our cells are completely renewed every 7 years!  The human body is amazing!

The Power of Kinesiology


Any healing journey is like peeling the layers of an onion. It takes time and patience to allow the body to do its' thing and heal naturally. 

By following all of the advice I was given and listening to my body through Kinesiology, I was able to focus on the priority areas and in doing so, my  health and wellbeing vastly improved and my body started to self heal.  

I also needed to make some lifestyle changes to better manage overwhelm and my stress levels.  It hasn't been easy and it has required me to dig deep at times, but it has been worth it to get my energy and health back! 

From my own experience, and that of my family (my daughter had eczema that cleared through kinesiology and my husband had IBS), I continue to be in awe of this truly holistic therapy. That is why I trained to become a Kinesiologist Practitioner. 

I started training to be a Kinesiologist in 2017 and completed Foundation Levels 1-6 in early 2018. In April 2019 I completed my studies at professional Practitioner Level. 

Both qualifications are from The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK), which was founded in 1985 by Brian Butler, who brought Kinesiology to Britain and Europe back in 1976.    

I am also a Practitioner Member of the Kinesiology Association.

HEre's what some Clients had to say about working with me...

Client C.

I went to see Sarah last week and she was fantastic. She really took on board details about how I was feeling, and she spent a long time, making sure she tested everything thoroughly. She gave me a comprehensive list of suggestions to try and I felt really 'heard' and taken care of. I actually felt quite emotional during the session, she helped me to figure out an issue that I didn't realise was there. I am really looking forward to my next appointment. I felt a connection with Sarah and have faith that she is going to help me to get my energy levels back on track. Thanks Sarah x

Client R.

I had my first experience of kinesiology with Sarah last week & would recommend it to any one who is looking for an holistic approach to any health issues they may have. Sarah made me feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout my session and I came away feeling more empowered about ways I can help rebalance my body at this moment in time. Thank you Sarah & look forward to our next session xx

Client A.

I visited Sarah two weeks back. She was fantastic and made me understand how Kinesiology can make a difference to our bodies. She’s a great listener. I came out very happy and positive after the session. I would highly recommend her.

Client H.

Would not hesitate to recommend Sarah most highly. 

After trying every cream (prescribed and over counter) to treat my sons eczema unsuccessfully, I contacted Sarah to see if she could help. 

One treatment with her and following the advice she gave, the huge, raw patch covering nearly 1/4 of his leg started to disappear. Within a week it was entirely gone. 

My only regret is not going sooner.

Client M.

I took my daughter to see Sarah. My daughter was really anxious as she didn’t know what to expect from the session, however Sarah immediately but her at ease and she really enjoyed the session. Kinesiology has already made a massive improvement in my daughters mental health which is fantastic. We are excited to see the full benefits in the weeks and months to come. I will definitely recommend Sarah, she was brilliant.

Client L.

I would highly recommend Sarah. I’ve had 2 appointments and am already seeing the benefits. I went to Sarah with stomach problems and fatigue. And I can honestly say that my stomach has never felt better and I'm not as worn out as I used to be.  And on the plus side I have not felt as stressed out over the last few months. 

I would definitely give this a 5 ☆ rating.

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